Chat with your knowledge base

By tapping into your knowledge base, discute acts as a virtual assistant, ready to provide relevant information to help you solve problems faster.

Get relevant information faster

Discute allows you to spend less time searching for relevant information

Chat with all your data sources from PDF documents to databases

Chat with your PDF, DOCX or TXT documents
You no longer have to read 200 pages to find the relevant paragraph you need. Just chat with your PDF.
Chat with CSV files
Get a paid account to have a small data analyst at your disposal. Quickly analyze your CSV files.
Upcoming: Chat with your databases
You won't need SQL anymore. Natural language will be enough to derive insights from your data.
Upcoming: Chat with websites
Do you want to chat with a blogpost on the internet ? We got you covered.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Paid membership

Subscribe to discute and get unlimited access to our chat services.

What’s included

  • Chat with PDF, DOCX, TXT, CSV documents, up to 150 pages for text and 5MB for csv (unlimited in future iterations).
  • Enhanced privacy: your documents are deleted after each chat.
  • Unlimited number of chats per day.
  • Priority access to new features.

Pay monthly

€9.99 EUR

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Free membership

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What’s included

  • Chat with PDF, DOCX and TXT documents (size limited to less than 10 pages).
  • Privacy: your documents are deleted every week.
  • 5 chats maximum.
  • No access to the latest features.

Free of charge

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